Dear Black People,

Back to Africa With a Purpose
When we say go back to Africa, these are the digs we envision… a typical middle-class home for sale in Ghana, West Africa.

Now is the time when every person who can claim Africa by birthright needs to do exactly that. I like Ghana as a first choice since it has been so welcoming to blacks in the diaspora already. More than 3,000 African-Americans and Caribbeans have already moved there and there’s room for more. Countries like Namibia, Kenya and South Africa have also appealed to blacks in the diaspora who’ve taken the giant step of moving to and reconnecting with the Motherland.

Please don’t believe the hype, either. While many Africans don’t consider us to be wholly African… and let’s face it, we’re not… most don’t dislike us like we’ve been led to believe. Certain African countries like Ghana and Kenya are, in fact, extremely welcoming to other blacks.

Go Back to Africa With a Purpose

If we go with the mindset of building, we can create jobs there instead of taking them away. We can help strengthen infrastructures to improve the lives of everyone and bring fresh ideas and manpower to assist in unifying blacks from every corner of the globe. To those of us coming from the U.S., I say this: We’ve fought in every single one of America’s wars and others on behalf of countries that have never given us full or equal access to the freedoms we fought for. We’ve marched and protested for our civil rights, we’ve put our lives on the line for justice and we continue to push back against those who would deny us equality in every area of our lives. Isn’t it time that we put our backs into making Africa just as strong? Isn’t it time that we direct all of our synergies toward making Africa great again?

Take Action Now!

I’m not asking anyone to uproot and move to Africa today. But I would like to know who is willing to first visit the continent with an eye toward staying for six months, a year or more? If you’re interested in an exploratory visit, drop us an email at with the subject line: Let’s Start a Movement!

Now, Over to You

What would it take for you to choose Africa for an extended stay or maybe a permanent move? Would you be interested in a six-month stay or would you prefer moving for good? What skills or resources do you have that could contribute to strengthening Africa? Have you ever visited the continent before? Which countries would you like to investigate for a possible move? What is your biggest concern about relocating to Africa?

Let’s talk about it in the comments now!

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