Join the Movement

We don’t have a membership application. There are no dues to pay and no heavy commitments to make. The first step in joining the Black to Africa movement involves mentally embracing the continent as a very real part of who you are both now and in the future. Beyond that, here are a few things we strongly encourage you to do right away:

  • Open your mind to the possibilities that Africa holds for you and for every black person in the diaspora.
  • Sign up to receive updates about the movement, future travel dates and special events.
  • Follow the Black to Africa Movement on social media.
  • Use the #blacktoafrica hashtag to help build, share and connect with others in the movement.
  • Research Africa’s countries and choose one to explore in person asap. (NOTE: We will also help organize travel events in the near future, but it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with Africa’s landscape and find places that speak to your heart and your lifestyle now. To learn more about upcoming group tours to Africa, please visit Africa for the Africans. We have no affiliation with them, but think what they’re doing is pretty dope, so check them out!)
  • Embrace every single black person in the diaspora just as you would a beloved family member. This means supporting black businesses, encouraging black people to be proud of who we are and working to help foster a greater respect for where we all came from.
  • Explore the ways in which you can assist Africa through your skills, knowledge, resources, creativity and investment dollars.
  • Spread the word by sharing this website with your loved ones and invite them to join the movement with you!

As time goes on we may add to this list, but what you’ve just read will always be ground zero for unifying the diaspora and for fine-tuning our focus on the Motherland.

So there you have it. That’s it! All that left for you to do is to add your name and email address to the list on your right (or down below if you’re on a mobile device) and follow us on:





If you have further ideas and suggestions for encouraging blacks in the diaspora to return to Africa as a visitor, a temporary resident or permanently, please join one of our online discussions or contact us at anytime!